Apporti di metallo sui cuori al manganese 2018-04-11T15:47:45+02:00

Automatic welding system| Translamatic ® 1252


Translamatic ® 1252

Among the welding materials produced by J. SAURON, the TRANSLAMATIC range is that of automatic welding machines suitable for maintenance and repair of tracks and track devices for railway networks.

The TRANSLAMATIC ® 1252 – 350 is a translating logic controller driven by “Charlie” Premier or Executive multi-programme computerized controls, integrated in a remote unit.

The TRANSLAMATIC ® 1252 – 350, specially designed to work in the direction of the rails, performs repair and recharging of wear of carbon or manganese track devices. It also allows the maintenance work of the rolling surfaces.

The work surface of the TRANSLAMATIC ® 1252 – 350 is 1250 mm length X and 350 mm in width Y

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