Rail grinding machine Ro-V 183


Rail grinding machine Ro-V 183

The Ro-V 183 grinding device may be used for grinding rail-sections, and switches or switch-drives. Vignol-rails like S49, S54, UIC 60 as well as groove-rails like Ri59/60, Ph37, 35G or NP4a can be processed. The devices purpose is the removal of ripples, signs of wear and tear, single defects and the reconditioning of the rail-head.

The machine is designed in a modular construction system, in such a way as to, depending on the structural conditions above and underneath the basic vehicle, one or more grinding waggons with 6 or 8 grinding modules can be attached. Suitable basic vehicles may be tamping machines, GWM-oscillating grinding machines or waggons with appropriate high frame.

The combination of the different grinding wagons resp. grinding modules are optional and may be planned by the customer and will be constructed for the desired purpose.

An eventual conversion of the grinding-module-version is also possible with reasonable expenditure.

According to the size of the grinding-technology, auxiliary power units, like control, suction and power generation are included, which have to be mounted above the frame.

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