Buffer stop


Buffer Stop

The new patented buffer stop designs have been tested by DB AG in accordance with the latest regulations and correspondingly approved by the Federal Railway Authority. The mostly standardised designs have been developed on the basis of the owner’s more than 20 years of experience in the field of railway and rail end block technology.

Rail end blocks are safety devices at the end of a track, such as, for instance, in dead-end stations, holding sidings and sorting sidings, or loading installations and repair tracks. Their task, as a protection device in accordance with the technical directives and regulations of the railway companies, is to

–    prevent derailing of vehicles,

  • to buffer and brake the impact of vehicles caused by human error or technical failure
  • to protect objects behind the end of tracks,
  • to prevent or limit possible damage and, as a result,
  • to improve the availability of the railway system (breakdown/failure of vehicles, settlement of damages etc.).

Usually, straight-forward circumstances only require simple designs, e.g. rigid or hinged scotch blocks in the maintenance shop. Special situations, conditions of use and safety requirements often require the use of special designs.

The braking and rigid buffer stops of Klose GmbH are newly developed standardised designs.

  • Our new designs represent the advanced development of proven technology, opening up optimised applications for the user, amongst others with:
  • New braking elements: Clamping force detection without dynamometric key; also

retrofittable for older designs

  • Low installation, maintenance and repair costs
  • Additional brakes can be optionally fitted on the tracks or on brake rails arranged

in the tracks

  • Possibility to optionally use hydraulic buffer systems
  • The standardised designs have been technically tested by DB AG and approved by

the Federal Railway Authority

  • The use and implementation of all previous designs, as for instance also the tractive

sleeper type buffer stops, are possible

Corresponding reliability for the planner is ensured by obtaining a quotation from a specialist company as early as in the planning phase Data acquisition for an inquiry or for a quotation is possible using the questionnaire included in the homepage.

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