After-sales assistance

Achieving optimal welding results depends not only on the consistent quality of the consumables used, but also on the correct execution of the welding techniques of the rails. For a correct and safe execution it is important to follow the parameters indicated in the WPS cards. In the interest of providing customer support our after-sales service team is available through a continuous training program and meetings with the welders on site. Our after-sales service team consists of qualified and certified personnel. We also offer non-destructive testing services for ultrasound rails, welds, joints and switches, directly on site by the customer. This activity guarantees the quality of the welds inspected according to the conformity required by the customer.

Training and technical support

Our service portfolio includes training for aluminiothermal welding personnel, for the qualification in aluminothermic welding system SP PRA Railtech Deutschland, and to the personnel in charge of the restoration for the repair of manganese rails and hearts, with an automatic welding system, in accordnce with what is defined in the RFI procedures (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana Spa).

We design training programs in close collaboration with our customers,according to customer needs training can be held either at the training centers IIS or at the customer site.





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