Rail Profile


Digital frog measuring system HMG

Frogs in switches are very important, particularly within regard to track safety. Regular monitoring and servicing of the frog area is therefore mandatory. However, only point-specific test aids are normally available for this. In order to obtain objective data on the overall quality condition of the frog and its service life, comprehensive measurement procedures are essential.

This is just where the digital frog measuring device (HMG) comes into its own. The HMG measures the complete running surface geometry of switch frogs relative to a specified target profile. It also measures the run-out geometry of the frog tip. Based on the measurement data, the overall condition can be assessed and the quality of servicing procedures (such as contract welding, reprofiling, frog replacement etc.) can be documented.

Continuous corrugation measuring trolley RMF 1100

Approved measuring device as per EN 13231-3:2012 and German DB for acceptance testing of rail profiling.

Rail surface condition has a major effect on wear and noise pollution. Accordingly, it is important to identify and evaluate irregularities in the rail’s longitudinal profile or “corrugation”. The digital corrugation measuring system RMF 2.3E fulfils this requirement accurately and efficiently.

Compared to our former model RMF 2.3 the new RMF 1100 is build shorter and  prepared for detecting wavelengths up to maximum 1000 mm.

A key feature is its measurement method, specially developed and patented by
Vogel & Plötscher, and tried, proven and internationally recognised for many
years. The rail is scanned by a special touch probe with a high-resolution sensor at intervals of 2mm. The major advantage: RMF 1100 is able to map the actual primary profile, meaning it delivers the genuine raw data from the rail surface! This is of particular importance, as it provides a sound verifiable basis for subsequent assessments, such as pursuant to DB Directive 824 and DIN EN 13231-3:2012.

Digital corrugation measuring device RM 1200 digital

Wherever rails are welded, ground and milled, the results have to be assessed for quality control purposes: a job for the RM 1200digital.

The handy measuring system is immediately ready for use, and the measurement is done in just a few seconds. The recorded raw data can be immediately viewed on the graphical LC display of the “MINI” storage and display module. The “RM-DigiReader” software program transfers the data from the MINI to a computer. For further evaluation and filtering of the raw data special add-on programs (including RMviewer and MultiViewer) are used.

Digital cross profile measuring system PMS II

PMS II is a particularly handy, efficient solution for digitally recording rail cross-profiles. With its compact size and low weight, this measurement system is ready to operate after just a few adjustments. Device operation is supported through a clear and concise menu provided from the connected display and control unit “MPCe”. The measurement process is performed automatically and takes about 30 seconds. The measurement result is graphically displayed at once to be saved on internal SD memory card.

Data are recorded using the contact measurement principle: the rail surface is scanned by use of a high-precise sensor transmitting the data directly to the MPCe unit. Afterwards the stored measure-ment files can be exported to any computer via SD memory card. Detailed data evaluation is carried out using software “PMSviewer” supplied: various measurements can be com-pared directly with each other or to a reference profile (target-actual comparison).

The scope of functions of the PMS II can be extended even further if required. Using an integrated laser measuring unit, additional data on material erosion or groove depth can also be determined.