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Tools for track geometry and track fixtures


Continuous track and switch measuring trolley

Practical, intelligent and efficient – for digital track and switch inspection MessReg CDM is the benchmark!

The globally tried and proven measuring system provides automatic continuous data capture with impressive levels of precision: Pre-defined measuring points are automatically detected and stored, and any tolerance infringements are colour-highlighted while the measurement is in progress. This means it takes just a few minutes to fully check a switch or a section of rail. Comments can be entered at any time, including indications of the track’s condition at specific positions. The measurement report is evaluated and outputted in digital form immediately after the measurement procedure.

Continuous measurement with MessReg CDM also provides comprehensive track documentation. Alongside the pre-defined measuring points, the track gauge and cant values are recorded automatically at 5 mm intervals.

The measuring system is rounded off by an all-weather computer notebook running a powerful software package. The software includes the actual data capture program, graphical data display and evaluation programs, and professional track and switch management functionality.

CDM (per scartamento 1435 mm)
Parametri Geometrici Campo di misura [mm]
Valore Min. Valore Max.
Scartamento 1425 1475
Intervalli – Gole 22 54
Quote di protezione 1392 1403
Quote di libero passaggio 1349 1360
Sopraelevazione ± 170

Continuous track measuring trolley

MessReg CTS is a mobile digital measuring system for the measurement of track gauge, cant and twist. Thanks to its automatic continuous data capture it measures long track sections highly efficiently.

The accessory “MPC” notebook enables users to enter comments during the measurement procedure, such as to document any irregularities or damage to the track specific to the exact position. Optionally, GPS data can be integrated, too. The measurement results are immediately available for local evaluation.

The version MessReg CTS-T is equipped with integrated partition. Thus, the measuring device can be folded to very compact dimensions in three quick manual movements.


  • Modifica per l’utilizzo su rotaie a gola
  • Versione pieghevole
  • Rulli di supporto per attraversamento scambi
  • Staffe per l’appoggio di un calibro manuale (i.e. PTP II o FS07)
Parametri Geometrici Campo di misura [mm] Risoluzione [mm]
1410 – 1490
± 170
± 170
Dimensioni e peso
MessReg CTS
Lungh. x Largh. x H
1650 x 515 x 550 mm
14,5 kg
Note Lo strumento è isolato
Cassa da trasporto
MessReg CTS (L x W x H) 1910 x 550 x 310 mm
MessReg CTS-T (L x W x H) 1240 x 550 x 310 mm
Notebook MPC da esterni
Lungh. x Largh. x H
Sistema operativo
216 x 271 x 49 mm
2,3 kg
10,1” Touchscreen (lucido)

The new system standard for digital switch inspection

“MessReg” has been a byword for quality in digital switch inspection to DB standard for over 15 years. The MessReg PTP II is the third generation of the tried and proven equipment series, and sets new standards.

The core of the measuring system is the “MPCe”, a computerised display and operator control unit specially developed to meet track bed requirements. The powerful MPCe is highly ergonomic and efficient. And with useful additional functionality such as day-date, Bluetooth and a text editor it offers new features which its predecessor models – the “MessReg 2000” and “MessReg PTP” – were unable to provide.
Another key system benefit:

MessReg PTP II conforms to all the latest DB requirements and guidelines without restriction. It is compatible with the DB IIS system and is officially DB-approved.

Parametri Geometrici Campo di misura [mm]
Valore Min. Valore Max.
Scartamento 1375 1475
Quote di protezione 1315 1415
Quote di libero passaggio 1295 1395
Intervalli / Gole 20 120
Sopraelevazione ± 200

Calibro digitale FS07

Il calibro digitale FS07 visualizza tutti i valori su un display LCD retroilluminato e l’attivazione delle funzioni su LED, permette la misura dei seguenti parametri geometrici del binario e degli apparecchi del binario:

  • scartamento
  • sopraelevazione
  • grandezze caratteristiche degli apparecchi del binario (scartamento, gole, quote passaggio aghi, quote di protezione cuori semplici e cuori doppi, quote di libero passaggio, quote di ingresso alle zampe di lepre, quote di ingresso alle controrotaie) sia di tipo tradizionale, sia di nuova generazione con controrotaia 33C1 (ex UIC 33).
Parametri Geometrici Campo di misura [mm] Risoluzione[mm]
Valore Min. Valore Max.
Scartamento 1366 1475 0,1
Intervalli – Gole 20 128 0,1
Quote di protezione 1346 1455 0,1
Quote di libero passaggio 1326 1435 0,1
Sopraelevazione ± 225 0,1

Digital switch gauge- and cant measuring device

The benefits of digital measuring with RCAD are convincing: the use of the device is simplified and an even higher level of accuracy and safety is offered, too.

RCAD shows the measured values on a clear LCD-display. This means that all 5 measurement parameters are easily seen at a glance while reading errors or inaccuracies are successfully avoided. Because of the back-illuminated LCD-display measurement operations in darkness are also supported

Il calibro RCAD è approvato dalle ferrovie tedesche DB.

Il calibro RCAD è disponibile nelle seguenti versioni:

 Versione BT

Calibro RCAD BT con funzione di registrazione dati e invio dati con sistema Bluetooth (incluso software).

 Versione SD

Calibro RCAD SD con funzione di registrazione dati e SD card che include il software.I valori misurati sono memorizzati nella SD card e possono essere trasferiti su computer.


Versione isolata integralmente modello GRP

Sagoma di controllo usura delle coppie ago-contrago GG718 

La sagoma di controllo GG718 è isolata

Omologata dalle ferrovie tedesche DB

Disponibile con quattro tipi di sagome (sagoma 1, sagoma 2, sagoma 2-19, sagoma 2-21)  Sagoma da Ø 4 mm inclusa